Birthday Parties

Laughing Dragon offers Kung Fu Birthday Parties year round! Whether your birthday child is a veteran Kung Fu student or simply someone looking for a memorable and unique birthday experience, a Laughing Dragon Kung Fu Party will fit the bill! Our 90 minute parties are tailor made to fit your child’s age and interests. For younger birthday kids we’ve crafted Kung Fu adventures around Star Wars, Power Rangers, Ninjago and more! Older party kids might prefer working with traditional Kung Fu weapons, learning to play our Chinese drum, or maybe just learning some Flying Side Kicks to Bob. (Take a look at Bob in the picture, you’ll see he doesn’t mind)!

The first hour of each party takes place in the training hall; the last half hour moves into our lobby for cake and presents. Since each party is unique, this time structure is adaptable to your needs.

The cost for a Kung Fu Birthday Party is $150 and includes up to 12 kids. Additional kids are welcome at $8 per extra kid. We provide the instruction, clean-up and fun; you bring the cake, decorations, kids and presents!

All set for your cake, decorations, kids and presents

No matter how many Birthday Parties we may host, we always remember that for each kid, it’s the only 5th, 7th, 10th or 11th birthday they’ll ever have. We put all of our heart and creativity into each and every party here at Laughing Dragon to ensure a unique experience that will never be forgotten.

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